Larry Fleet to Unveil Third Album ‘Earned It’ In September


Country singer Larry Fleet will share his ode to the working class with Earned It on September 1. The third-generation son of construction and concrete workers offers a 21-song tribute to those hard workers with his third studio album.

“I’ve been workin’ since I was 14 laying bricks,” Fleet said in a press release announcing the new album. “There isn’t a day in my life I can remember where I wasn’t workin’ toward something or watching someone else earn their keep, whether that was my mom at home providing for us boys or at school teaching art when we got a little older, my dad out at job sites, you name it.

“I believe in taking care of the people you love, earning a life you’re proud of, workin’ hard, and keeping your family and the things that matter first. With this record, I wanted to focus on how we got here and what our work earned us; it’s earned this life for my family, this opportunity for me and my band out on the road, it’s taught me about living well and makes me appreciate the place I come from. Earned It just felt right because I feel like I have; it’s been a long time coming, and by God it was worth it.”

Fleet wrote 12 of the 21 songs on the project. His list of co-writers includes Ashley Gorley, Connie Harrington, HARDY, Luke Laird, Brett Tyler, Josh Thompson, Jessie Jo Dillon, Rodney Clawson, and Devin Dawson. Earned It was produced by Joey Moi.

“Nashville’s full of the finest songwriters in the world, so I felt like it might finally be time to showcase some of their work alongside some of mine now that folks have gotten to know me as a songwriter on the first couple records,” Fleet adds. “I’m thankful they’d trust me to tell these stories and hope we did them justice.”

Four songs from Earned It will be available tonight, including the Fleet-penned title track and “Ain’t Mad at Jesus.” “Lucky Dog,” written by HARDY, Zach Abend and Smith Ahnquist, and “Much to Talk About,” written by Tommy Cecil, Jordan Dozzi and Craig Wiseman, also will be released.

Earned It Track List:

1.     “Earned It” (Larry Fleet, Connie Rae Harrington)
2.     “Lucky Dog” (Zach Abend, Smith Ahnquist, Michael Hardy)
3.     “Ain’t Mad At Jesus” (Larry Fleet, Josh Miller, Jake Mitchell)
4.     “25-8” (Casey Beathard, Nicolette Hayford, Jim Wolf)
5.     “Things I Take For Granted” (Larry Fleet, Rocky Block, Jordan Dozzi, Brett Tyler)
6.     “Lord Willing” (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett Tyler)
7.     “Two Beer Plan” (Larry Fleet, Thomas Archer, Ryan Beaver, Mark Holman)
8.     “Taking The Long Way” (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett Tyler)
9.     “Something He’d Say” (Larry Fleet, Josh Thompson, Jake Mitchell)
10.   “Beer Needs A Beer” (Larry Fleet, Brett Tyler, Logan Wall)
11.   “There’s A Waylon” (Steve Moakler, Joseph Patton, Logan Wall)
12.   “Angels Were Gone” (Rodney Clawson, Jessie Jo Dillon, Joybeth Taylor)
13.   “Try Texas” (Jake Mitchell, Larry Fleet, James McNair)
14.   “Tennessee On You” (Rocky Block, John Byron, Jacob Durrett, Ashley Gorley)
15.   “Muddy Water” (Larry Fleet, Jesse Frasure, Brett Tyler)
16.   “Devil Music” (Jessie Jo Dillon, Neil Mason, Brett Tyler)
17.   “Layaway” (Larry Fleet, Mark Trussell, Josh Miller)
18.   “Much To Talk About” (Tommy Cecil, Jordan Dozzi, Craig Wiseman)
19.   “Grow” (Rodney Clawson, Josh Miller, Dallas Wilson)
20.   “Daddy Don’t Drink” (Larry Fleet, Derek Bahr, Luke Laird)
21.   “Young Buck” (Andy Albert, John Byron, Devin Dawson, Jacob Durrett)

Photo Courtesy of Big Loud Records